Freedom2Fit is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization that is shaping culture that values healthy living as a key to personal and community resilience. We are not housed in a facility but instead, we utilize a pop-up community change design that can be replicated in any community across the nation.

At Freedom2Fit, we believe that being strong and stress free is not for the few. To this end, we are directly targeting populations considered to be “at-risk” such as those who have experienced moderate to severe life adversity such as physical, emotional, or sexual abuse; domestic violence; community violence; foster care; death of a parent/caregiver; incarceration of a parent/caregiver; poverty, and homelessness. We aim to bring a trauma-informed lens to existing health and wellness services by partnering the therapeutic aspects of the social service sector with organizations and businesses already established in various health and wellness industries those communities. We are committed to ensuring that these families and individuals have access to education and programming that will expand the knowledge necessary to transform their own lives by turning to the expertise of their local providers. The goals of these collaborative workshops include but are not limited to: enhancing nutrition by providing a sampling of free meals and snacks coupled with affordable meal plans for healthy eating; conditioning physical well-being through a variety of free exercise classes; and growing socio-emotional strengths by providing multigenerational arts education aimed at building confidence and fostering freedom of expression.

Overall, we are determined to revolutionize the social service sector by making fitness a tool for social responsibility and empowerment. By using a collaborative community development business model to design a variety of holistic (whole person) health opportunities, we are facilitating a huge chain reaction of positive social change. What sets us apart from existing organizations is that we are not providing a single direct service. We are bringing all types of partners together to re-structure existing systems to collaborate better in a way that creates win-win economic outcomes for everyone in the community. We are going to do this by repackaging the delivery of wellness, nutrition, exercise, and arts services to make them accessible and affordable for everyone. 


F inding creative ways to
R eally get everyone
E xcited about reaching their full potential.
E mpowering responsible
D ecisions by providing affordable
O pportunities for holistic health.
M aking well-being a cultural priority

2 ensure that all

F amilies &
I ndividuals
T hrive!

Results and Values

Evidence Trails






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