There are tons of non-profits that already exist that are providing individual services. What makes Freedom2Fit different?

Freedom2Fit recognizes that there are many highly impactful mission driven non-profit services and programs all over the country. We seek to build on the existing strengths of these organizations and combine their models to create a whole-person educational curriculum. Once the collaborative curriculum is developed and evaluated, we will further partner with local for-profit companies to deliver services in a way that fosters community economic development.

The whole point is whole-person. Educate. Empower. Serve. – Deb Radloff, Deputy Director

Wow. That sounds like a huge undertaking. Where are you going to start?

We are piloting these services at homeless and domestic violence shelters starting in NJ. We will then expand to homeless and domestic violence shelters in New York and California, and eventually nationally. Furthermore, we have a view toward reaching other populations considered to be “at-risk” such as youth in foster care and LGBTQ youth as well as the general population through after-school and in-school programs.

How do I get involved?

If you would like to volunteer, inquire about internship opportunities, or learn more about the organization, please email info@freedom2fit.org

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