The Fitness Exchange

“The Fitness Exchange”

Freedom2Fit has fundraising built directly into its business model. Along with building and implementing our H2O curriculum we are currently piloting our fundraising plan, “The Fitness Exchange,” a “buy one to donate one” model in Clifton, NJ. We have a mid-sized corporate client (Classlink, Inc) that subsidizes yoga classes for its employees. They pay the instructor directly (not the studio) a standard rate, based on the per hour rates of the location, which in Clifton is $50 per hour. The yoga studio, in this case Powerflow NJ, sends an instructor to Classlink twice per week without taking a cut of the instructor’s fee. At that time, the employees of Classlink each pay a $5 fee (compared to the normal $20) to have the yoga class in their office. This money (considered a tax deductible donation to F2F) is then pooled and goes back to Powerflow to pay instructors to teach free yoga classes at the Hope Through Care women’s shelter in Clifton.

Through the above mentioned Fitness Exchange program, we will act as a bridge, building relationships with multiple institutions that serve at risk communities; creating a pool of “F2F accredited” fitness and wellness providers; and developing partnerships with corporations and universities that have corporate social responsibility plans in place. We see this business model as a way, not only to support local businesses, but to combat teacher turnover in low-income communities. As fitness providers, we are all too familiar with the revolving door of volunteers that bring single classes to those most at risk: a system that does not allow for continued learning or community building. With our Fitness Exchange program, we will be able to compensate our instructors, provide consistent services to these communities and empower people across socioeconomic strata to build healthy habits that promote physical and mental wellbeing.

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